Grab a drink, some snacks, and welcome back to another Fireside! Your number 1 place for up to date Underground Theater Information!

Welcome to another Fireside!
We have had a really busy month last month with UT Con and ALL of the feedback from the event. Out of the swag we do have left (and we don’t have much) we do have a lot of Notebook/Pen sets left so stay tuned!

We also got a lot of pictures and some videos! While the pictures are now being worked on, the video is still being reviewed. Patience though! Watch out for Fireside Part 2 for more UTCon Fun!

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Event Registration will begin October 1st for VIP Badge holders, and October 15th for all other badge types. Both will begin at 12 Noon CST. You are encouraged to sign up for your events in the TableTop.Events system, as this is the official way we track attendees and ensure we have assigned the correct space for the size of your event.

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A lot of crazy things have been going on, and these last 2 months. The GhostWriters sent a reporter to get in and look around!

Words from an Autark- Observations from the inside, on the outside.
The Autarks are interesting, to say the least, very secretive, so much in fact that we had to dispose of one of our Ghostwriters for his ineffectual reporting, which caused danger to our source. Needless to say, the Autarkus of the Pacific Northwest, while struggling, is developing a very interesting culture of ritual, rite, and respect, certainly, one which could bring much to question in regards to its inspiration.

A Culty Crypted problem in the eastern US?
Broken reports of cultish activity on the east coast, whispers of monsters descendant of darkness. Echos in shadows from the domains of New Orleans, and as far north as Clevland confirm ritual use, and report hints of Lilithian origins.

Current (Nov) Vampire Floor XP-40, Werewolf Floor XP-136


We are currently in the interviewing process, but we need more volunteers!

One of the bigger changes that’s happened is the reformatting of how Underground Theater operates in regards to the Board of Directors. As you can see below, some Director seats have been dissolved into General Directors, with the skill sets associated with them being given to Officers.

—– New Board Structure Info and All Calls—–

???=Open Position

Any appointee of the Board and their subordinates are considered to be part of the Staff of Underground Theater. Any appointee of the Board and their subordinates are said to be working on behalf of the Board of Directors. Any Director may have a direct say in the way in which they carry out their tasks.

The initial Board of Directors formed under this plan shall be Andy Humble, Bill Vollmer, Brandi Roland, and Kyle Anderson. The President shall be Andy Humble and the Vice President shall be Bill Vollmer, the Board has now confirmed their positions.

In order to support the Board in their primary responsibilities, they will appoint the following Voting Board positions as immediately as possible. Voting Board positions may not also be Story Tellers(limitation removed).

Secretary – Responsible for organization of meetings, minutes, task management, and general support duties as required by the Board.

Filled- Kyle Anderson

Treasurer – Keeps Underground Theater’s budget and financial records, prepares financial reports as needed, prepares reports required by law, issues payments, and oversees monetary deposits.

Filled- Brandi Roland

General Officer Director x2 – Supports the other Directors in Underground Theater Operations in any aspect needed according to personal skills and job descriptions above.


In addition to these direct appointees, the Board will require Officers tasked with overseeing the nightly operations of Underground Theater more directly. Officers work independently unless otherwise stated.

Ombudsman – A neutral arbiter to represent Patrons in any conflict. They are tasked with maintaining, filtering, and attempting to resolve complaints that Patrons may have against the Board, Underground Theater, or members of its staff. They will assist local staff in conflicts when a neutral arbiter is necessary, but they are not judges, and it is up to local staff to resolve any conflicts that do not require the Board’s attention.

Filled- Jessica Yost

Chief Story Officer – CSO – Tasked with creating and supporting the Content Team (OSTs and CCSTs). The Content Team is a Committee that oversees the ongoing functioning of each Venue and its in-character components. This Officer works under the Vice President.


Chief Technology Officer – CTO – Tasked with updating, maintaining, supporting, and creating digital tools that support the primary purpose of Underground Theater.

Andrew Sayman, ???

Chief Patron Officer – CPO – Tasked with maintaining information about Patrons and their general satisfaction with Underground Theater in executing its primary purpose. Will provide surveys and other feedback opportunities to the Board. Will keep the Patrons of Underground Theater informed as to the general goings of the organization. The CPO will likely work closely with the Ombudsman, but their primary purpose is not to resolve conflict. It is to report upon and provides ideas from the Patronage about how to better their experience.

Brandi Roland, ???

Chief Marketing Officer – CMO – Provide materials including the Underground Theater logo for advertisement, approve the usage of the Underground Theater logo, and general maintain a public presence explaining the organization.

Bill Vollmer, ???

-Community Management Officer – Social Media Moderation, Locate and submit player-created content for Fireside, assist in general duties and roles as needed by the Board of Directors. While similar to Media Management, this officer focuses primarily on community interactions and works closely with the Chief Patrons Officer.

Filled- Carl Gosline, ???

-Media Management Officer – This officer/s will work closely with the Community Management Officer in Social media, and the Chief Marketing Officer as an editor, to obtain/create art, graphic designs and video media for Underground Theater and Fireside use. While similar to Community Management, this officer focuses primarily on marketing content implementation.

Bill Vollmer, ???

Chief Troup Recruitment and Retention Officer – CRO – Guides new troupes through the process of applying. Maintains an up-to-date list of current and previous troupes. Stays up-to-date with the staff for each of the troupes. Ensures that the information provided on the website and Yorick are correct for each troupe. Gets feedback from troupes about things going well and poorly for them in Underground Theater.

Brandi Roland, ???

Each Officer will be responsible for documenting the tasks, responsibilities, and organization of their positions sufficient for others to carry on duties in their absence.

If you would like to apply for any of these positions, please send your cover letter and resume to

Discord, Borick and Patreon-

Underground Theater has been working very hard to make it easier for our players and staff to connect on the Larger than Local, and have been examining the various technologies available versus what we currently use. It is to this effect, and because of changes in what is currently used (not by our choice) that we have decided Discord is a technology that would highly benefit Underground Theater and its players.

As a result, we have created an official Underground Theater OOC Fireside Server! (, The goal in creating this is primarily to help centralize our Out of Character activities over a flexible and dedicated medium which will allow us to better connect with our fellow players over shared interests. This will also allow players to better communicate their own individual limits and game preferences through the utilization of Borick, the Discord Bot.

Borick is a Discord Bot inspired by and designed to help facilitate the administrative functions of Underground Theater by helping to manage the player populations with several optional, Opt-In Commands, resource links, and support options. These commands will allow both players and staff to easily and transparently manage the games they create and interact with so everyone can have fun!

While Borick has several game tools unrelated to LARP at his disposal, he is also capable of “throwing chops” for players, helping players find important UT information, helping players and staff identify personal game preferences through roles, and facilitating community and group game activities outside and alongside of Underground Theater LARP events.

Finally, this leaves us with using Patreon. Patreon is a resource we are decided to live test to support not only our players but what our goals and intentions are as time goes on. Patreon is very transparent when it comes to its numbers and goals, and that is something we wanted to emphasize on as a non-profit organization. It also will help us organize our patronage better by creating options and links that staff can follow and fulfill when something specific can’t be automated through the normal admissions process. ( ) It also utilizes its own Discord bot and can help keep track of patron status, special perks, goals, and tiers!

None of these are required to be used at this moment in time, but it is our goal, that each project becomes fully integrated and/or officially used, tentatively, by New Years 2021.

Why tentatively? This is because A) We understand changes like this take time to adjust to, B) This is like a Beta project, we are expecting bugs and delays, and C) We want your input and help to make our LARP Network the best!

-Questions and Answers-

Q- If Discord, Borick and Patreon are going to official or required, are we phasing out Facebook and Yorick?

A- Yes and no. Yorick will still be utilized and required for official play, however, we have decided to closely consider downsizing Underground Theaters facebook use to Marketing and Promotions only (Page, OOC Group, and Content Team Group would remain untouched).

Q- If Patreon is to be used as an official means of admissions, will we stop using Yoricks Patronage option?

A- No, Yorick will maintain its yearly patronage option. Patreon will be supplemental to Yorick’s abilities.

Q- The normal Patron fee for Underground Theater is $20 per year donation, I noticed that the monthly Patron tier in Patreon is $2 per month for the normal patronage. This breaks down to a 34 cent increase, why are we looking at increasing the donation standard?

A- This wasn’t something we hadn’t thought deeply on, but considering it as a month to month automatic donation option, we thought the small increase was worth the savings in labor time that Patreon would provide Underground Theater.

Q- What do you mean by Boricks “Opt-In” commands?

A- Borick is being designed with the player in mind. Using his commands, players will be able to give themselves roles in the OOC Fireside Discord Server, designed to give staff and other players an idea of your game style and limitations are. Perhaps you prefer Character vs Environment interactions over Character vs Character, or have no interest in interacting in an extremely bloody or adult scene type? Just use one of Boricks commands, and give yourself the appropriate role!

Bill Vollmer, UT Vice President