I am happy to announce that content from the recently-published Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade – Volume 2 is now sanctioned for play in our Underground Theater Cam/Anarch/IA chronicle, but with the following exclusions and clarifications:

Chapter 1 (Settings Update: Modern Nights): Events and information described in this chapter are not in play, but may be included at a later date through regional and national plotlines directed by the Cam/Anarch/IA Organizational Storyteller.

Chapter 4 (Expanded Blood Magic): The level 5 Thaumaturgy ritual Conduit of Fate is not approved for play, pending BNS or UT clarification and ruling.

Chapter 5 (Additional Elder Powers & Luminary Powers): The Obfuscate Luminary power Create Name is not approved for play, pending an update to our social media policy and how the Alternate Identity background is taken into account.

These exclusions and clarifications will soon make their way to the House Rules section of our website so that they may be more readily accessed by patrons and storytellers in the future.

Yorick is in the process of being updated to include the newly-approved V2 content. We expect this process to take no more than two weeks. If there are any short-term concerns for newly-purchased merits/powers, etc. that are not yet in Yorick and you are planning to participate in a game and benefit from those items, please work with your presiding LST and the LST of the game you are attending ahead of time to see if they will allow it.

At this time, players are granted a one-time character sheet rewrite so that they may include new V2 content that appropriately fits with the established portrayal of their character, pending final approval from their presiding LST. This rewrite period lasts until October 31st, 2021.

Timothy Snyder
Cam/Anarch/IA Organizational Storyteller