Patrons of the Underground,

The board of directors is proud to announce the new president of Underground Theater is Amber Godat. Many of you are already familiar with her as the portrayer of the NPC Justicar Boliver, as well as her role on the board as Secretary for more than the last year.

Please help us welcome her to her new role!

On a related note, we’ll be asking for applicants interested in the position of Secretary in the next few days, so if you or someone you know is interested in volunteering to help Underground Theater, please keep your eyes out for the announcement!

Good afternoon Patrons of the Underground!

We are excited to announce our new Ombudsman, Andrew Humble!

Andy has been LARPing since the early 1990s and has a long background with many of the LARPing organizations today. He has been both a storyteller and a player in these organizations, as well as being a devoted fan of White Wolf in general. He currently works as a Human Resources Project Manager for a major tech company and looks forward to assisting and being a part of Underground Theater, which he says is “one of the best Orgs I have had the privilege of being a member of.”

Let’s all welcome Andy, and help him come on board smoothly. If you have any current issues that the Ombudsman office has been notified of, please consider dropping Andy an email to make sure that he has the information he needs to address your concerns. We want to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks as we make this transition.

Good evening Patrons of the Underground,

This afternoon two of our patrons were suspended from Underground Theater. This is never an action the Board undertakes lightly, and it is never an action we get any enjoyment from. In this instance, it was particularly difficult.

The two patrons in question have become engaged in legal proceedings against one another in civil court. These proceedings affected the operations of our organization.

Our organization retained a lawyer to help us navigate this situation. Following the instructions of our legal counsel, the two patrons’ attorneys were notified this afternoon that these two patrons have been suspended from our organization, and will remain suspended until, at minimum, their legal battle is concluded.

We would like to offer an apology to all of our members for the inconveniences this will cause, and we ask that everyone please understand that this is a serious legal matter best left to the parties involved and their lawyers to resolve in court.

The Board of Directors

Good afternoon Patrons of the Underground!

We are sad to announce that our Ombudsman, Sean Noble, is needing to step down from our board of directors because of real life commitments. We wish him all the best and can’t wait to see him playing at Midwinter!

Unfortunately, that means we are in need of a new Ombudsman! Are you kind, willing to work with others and have experience in dispute resolution? We’d love to hear from anyone with interest in filling this role.

In the interim, please give us a bit of understanding, and if you have an unresolved concern that you have submitted to the Ombudsman, we encourage you to drop a follow up email to the Board just to help us ensure we don’t drop any balls and no concerns fall through the cracks during the transition.

Here are some of the job requirements:

  • The Ombudsman works as an independent neutral party who assists in the resolution of conflicts and concerns either between patrons (after all local staff options are exhausted) or between patrons and local staff when there is no other option. The Ombudsman will act as the Board contact for patrons throughout Underground Theater.
  • The Ombudsman’s office is responsible for managing the filing of all issues sent to them in a system that has been set up such that all Board members may reference it as needed. The Ombudsman may need to oversee at least one assistant to his office who’s sole duty is to input the details of resolved issues into the filing system.
  • The Ombudsman will also help identify issues in policies, processes and procedures that need attention, including their implementation and documentation.
  • He or she will serve as an instrumental piece of the arbitration, player retention and recruitment processes (they may wish to appoint an admin to work with them on such), and shall perform such additional duties as may be required of the office.
  • Attend a weekly board meeting at 7pm EST.
  • He or she may also install additional administrators to those already mentioned at his or her leisure under the office of Ombudsman.

Please send your resume and a gaming experience summary to:


Patrons of the Underground,

After what seems like an immortal eternity, Jason Hughes has stepped down as the Camarilla/Anarch/Independent Alliance Organizational Storyteller. Our organization is incredibly thankful for and proud of the work he has done for us, and we wish him the best now that he’s free!

Effectively today, we are welcoming Ryan Martin aboard the content team as the new Cam/Anarch/IA OST.

Ryan is a Quality Engineer for Lower Trim for Honda. He studied Mechanical Engineering for four years at UK and has umpired recreational baseball, worked at RadioShack and had an internship with the Paducah Joint Sewer Agency. The biggest common line is that in all of his jobs, he has worked with people, allowing him to learn a great deal about conflict avoidance and resolution through professional experience – especially when a person is invested in their own idea or activity.

Ryan has played tabletop gaming since he was 15 or 16. He joined OWBN when he was 18 and has been playing in LARP in some form ever since. Ryan stepped up and ran the Paducah vampire game as LST until a job offered forced him to move away. After that, he stepped up to run Louisville UT Cam for about a year, even though that game was three hours from where he lives. Jason Hughes appointed Ryan as the Anarch AOST earlier this year, where he has been managing plot and had the pleasure of running the Anarch scenes at the last Grand Masquerade.

Welcome aboard Ryan!

Greetings Patrons of the Underground!

The Board of Directors are proud to announce our selection for the Werewolf: The Apocalypse Organizational Storyteller position. We received several applications, all from qualified individuals we would have been honored to have join our team. In the end, we had to select just one.

Join us in welcoming John Swinkels as Werewolf OST.

John is from Seattle, Washington, and currently works in marketing for a tabletop game company. He has worked in the gaming industry for the last five years, doing everything from QA to design on PC RPGs and tabletop games. John says he loves Werewolf “almost as much as Mage” and enjoys digging into the new setting. He has been a part of Underground Theater since February 2015, and considers it “home.” He also may or may not be in cahoots with The Weaver.

We’ll have more information about Werewolf next week. For now, John has begun assembling his team and started wrapping his head around all of the logistics involved in putting together a new venue for Underground Theater. If you’d like to volunteer to help or see if there’s a place for you on his team, send him an email at

We can’t wait to get started and see what John has in store for us!

Our original Werewolf announcement, including the initial information we have about the setting in Underground Theater can be found here.

The Board of Directors