Patrons of the Underground,

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our new Camarilla/Anarch/Independent Alliance Organizational Storyteller!

Nick Riley is currently finishing a two-year stay in Japan as an Assistant English Teacher with the JET Program. He lives in Tottori Prefecture, in a charming countryside town brimming with cherry blossoms. Previously, he attended Berea College, where he majored in English and minored in Asian Studies, and held a variety of jobs, including computer repair technician, newswriter, RA and TA.

Nick started gaming regularly when he was around 16, when he joined his first Vampire group, but had been enchanted with the idea of role-playing ever since he delved into his dad’s Monster Manual as a kid. Nick first LARPed with Paducah’s OWbN troupe, and later briefly served as Lead Storyteller of Paducah’s Underground Theater troupe in the interim after Ryan Martin’s departure. After leaving for Japan, he founded an Underground Theater troupe in Yonago, Tottori, which ran for about a year. He has worked with the Cam-Anarch-IA OST staff in an informal capacity for some time, and is pleased to continue serving in these new roles.

Please welcome Nick to our team.

As is always the case when leadership changes, if you have an outstanding inquiry to the Cam/Anarch/IA OST office that has not been answered, this is a great time to send a gentle, friendly reminder to

Happy New Year Patrons of the Underground!

Midwinter is this week, and we’re incredibly excited to be bringing amazing new event games and officially launching Werewolf: The Apocalypse! We also have something wonderful planned for our traditional event game shwag, so we can’t wait to see you all.

In the meantime, here are the IC teasers for our games…


Winds of change are blowing into Milwaukee… A Child of Gaia by the name of “Cool Lake Breeze” has coordinated with high-ranking members of the Concordat of Stars and the Sanctum of Gaia in an effort to realize a major step toward more cooperation amongst the fractured garou. Bearing the spark of hope, they bring with them the seed necessary for a shard caern to be created in Milwaukee as a bastion of Gaia. This seed represents the fragility and need to protect our last glimmers of hope, our sole purpose: to see the return of the Wyld and stave off the forces of the Wyrm. But while hope is yet within our grasp, those that would see that light snuffed out linger still on the edges of our best efforts. We must be wary that they do not turn our chance at minor success into monumental failure…


The din of the previous year still echoes the death of a Cardinal, the fall and liberation of a Diocese, and the Sanctification of a new Cardinal by the Regent himself. Now, a meeting of the Prisci has been called in the dead of winter in Milwaukee, and concern has been raised on the survival of the Sect. Whispers in the night say that the Serpents have begun a ritual that will bring about the end of days; the Sword is wary of such rumors, but do they dare ignore this one?


Many things move in the shadows, and they whisper rumors in the darkness. Kindred travel to Milwaukee as the Prince holds a gathering to mourn kindred lost, while Di Zagreb plans a gala to celebrate the alliance of all pillar clans. However, the friendly exterior is of a facade. Tales spread of the Tremere Justicar presenting a vague gift to Hardestadt, which is gaining the attention of many rival factions. The Anarchs have their own worries, as a sister of the Movement claims to have valuable information on a new enemy. The Independent Alliance view all these stories with hungry eyes, as these events can be twisted to suit their own ambitions. The stage is set for large changes and massive consequences. One thing is on everyone’s mind: Opportunity. These nights are uncertain, and many reach out to mold them to their own ends. What will you do?


Greeting, Patrons of the Underground!

Just a quick note to let you all know we’ve done a major update to our Troupe List on the website. We’re excited to have brought on several new troupes so far in 2016, including Olympia, Winston Salem, Little Rock, Joplin, Tulsa and a game in Japan!

Find it on our website here!

~Ryan Faricelli
Director of Communications