Patrons of the Underground~

Welcome to the very first Words from the Underground, our little blog in the corner of the World of Darkness. It seemed only fitting that the first entry be filled with the words of our own patrons, so it’s time to see the results of our Best Clan…EVER! survey.

After passionate disagreement with the rankings of the 13 clans by the folks over at, we decided to see what our patrons thought. We had over one hundred responses from patrons, ranking their favorite clans from 1 to 13, and leaving us comments on why their favorite was the best. Let’s check out the results, and hear in your own words why each clan is your favorite.

13. Ravnos

Unfortunately, the vampiric gypsy clan found little love amongst Patrons of the Underground. Chimistry and thievery couldn’t help this clan from ranking last in both our survey and in the rankings over at io9. We did have one patron who ranked them as the best, and here’s what they said:

“It fits me – that part of me that needs the catharsis.”

12. Giovanni

They could’a been contenders… They could’a been somebody… But instead, they’re second to last place amongst our patrons. There’s still good in them, however…

“The Giovanni are a family with a unique structure. They can speak and control ghosts, which is awesome, and they are loyal and can stand for their own. Even if they have some family quarrels, they are a family. They are also Italian necromancers, which is a cool concept on its own. They eradicated one previously major clan and one bloodline, and gave the stinky pinky to the Camarilla. They are Mob-like and, frankly, I love American mob movies. They are the best!”

11. Followers of Set

The Followers of Set slithered their way into 11th place, and a few of our patrons shared their thoughts on them:

“Followers of Set accept that there may be other Gods, Caine, and a plethora of other things in the universe. They’re just out to be the best bad they can be.”

“The Followers of Set evoke the vampire mythos in a creative and unique fashion without being an offensive racist caricature.”

10. Toreador

Art and Celerity combined to bring the Toreador to 10th place on our patron’s list, though they got a little help from Anne Rice…

“The embracing of artistic endeavors in a world of darkness and destruction evokes a tragic romanticism that feels like the thematic heart of classic vampire tales.”

“Lestat was a Toreador!”

9. Ventrue

Perhaps the surprise on this list,’s choice for the number 1 clan didn’t fair as well amongst the Patrons of the Underground. The Ventrue landed at number 9 amongst Underground Theater voters.

“The highest of the high. The clan of kings.”

“Heavy is the head, the Ventrue are the essence of the commanding romantic monster.”

Though, one patron ranked them number one simply because,


8. Malkavian

Some folks may find Malkavians placing 8th to be insane, and others may find that phrase to just be a dumb joke. Either way, our patrons had this to say about them:

“There is more nuance and CHALLENGE in insanity than in any more rational motivation. Also, their flaw is role-play oriented, rather team purely mechanical. I appreciate any concept that encourages a player to step outside their comfort zone and real immerse themselves in something really ALIEN in the gooey center.”

“What does it mean to be “sane”? Insanity is the curse of the other clans who lack the perspective to see *both* the bigger picture, and the true meaning behind the details.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha…”

7. Assamite

The quiet, noble assassins, scholars and sorcerers of the Assamites made their way to 7th place in our survey.

“I have always enjoyed the story of the Assamite clan and the struggles that they have endured. I enjoy playing within those struggles, because each time, I am always able to explore it in a different way.”

“I love the story of a clan dedicated to policing the night.”

6. Brujah

Tough. Fast. Loyal. The Brujah landed squarely in the middle of our survey results. When the total numbers are analyzed, this clan was nearly universally ranked just a bit above the middle. Even Braden’s abs couldn’t crunch this clan to a higher spot (though they certainly weren’t ignored).

“Theo Bell is dreamy.”

“Even among predators, the whole brotherhood ‘us versus them’ mentality is great! Most people think the Brujah are mindless thugs, but they can be completely awesome when you really look at the clan as whole and what they stand for.”

5. Tzimisce

We can’t agree on how to pronounce them, but the Patrons of the Underground did agree to place these “evil” wizards at number 5.

“Clan Tzimisce are the stereotypical, evil vampire lords. An old clan that not only has sorcerers and warriors, but also bred families of ghouls. They are patient and not afraid to be the monsters that they are. Vicissitude is one of the most interesting powers in the game.”

“Rich history with a twist (literally and metaphorically)! Great for any role and as flexible as their discipline!”

4. Lasombra

Securing the same 4th place here as they did on’s article, the Lasombra seem to be a universal favorite amongst Vampire players.

“The Lasombra clan epitomizes practicality, seldom letting morality get in the way. Where other clans developed a social structure which gives their clans a certain feel, the Lasombra’s survival of the fittest method illuminates a form-following-function conviction.”

“Lasombra are evil Machiavellian predators – ruthless tyrants that have the Potence to back it up.”

 3. Tremere

Clearly a polarizing clan, the survey responses were most interesting with the Tremere’s 3rd place finish. While this clan received the highest number of 1st place votes (17), it also received the most votes for 12th and 13th places, making this truly a “love them” or “hate them” choice amongst the Patrons of the Underground.

“The clan you love to hate.”

“Tremere secrecy fits with the overall setting. They have a game within a game, gaining both status in their clan as well as in the Camarilla. One never knows exactly what they’ll have at their disposal. They are the quintessential powers behind closed doors.”

2. Gangrel

The animalistic nature of the Gangrel placed 2nd in our survey. Patrons who selected them as their top choice showed a pattern of likening them to being the vampires who are the closest to playing werewolves (Underground Theater apparently has a lot of patrons who like Werewolf: The Apocalypse).

“Gangrel was the first clan I ever played. Protean is the reason I fell in love with the clan, and the Gangrel are why I fell in love with Vampire: The Masquerade.”

“Gangrel have the very dangerous combination of Protean, Fortitude and Animalism, making them consumate hunters. In a game where any character is considered a predator, they are paragons of such. In cases where a fight goes against them, they have a number of valid “fair escape” options (Flight Form, Elder Protean powers, etc). They also have one of the more interesting interaction opportunities in UT games, with significant player-driven plot.”

1. Nosferatu

Are you surprised? These creepy sewer-dwellers who seem to always know everything rose from beneath the cities to take the top spot in our patrons’ survey as the Best Clan… EVER!

“The Nosferatu are a group of monsters forced to live underground. Most think this is because of their hideous forms, but really it’s because their Antideluvian is trying to kill them all and has embraced a group of sociopathic Methuselahs whose only goal is to complete that task. And they’ve survived – more than that, they’ve thrived.”

“To know is to rule.”

Now that the survey is over, what do you think of the results? Do you agree with your fellow Underground Theater patrons? Either way, thank you all for participating and helping to make this the Best Org… EVER!

~Ryan Faricelli
Director of Communications

We’ve been listening to some patron suggestions about Secondary characters. Patrons have been expressing the desire for Secondary characters to have the opportunity to earn some experience points. It was also expressed that doing so should also have some restrictions to ensure that Secondary characters are not being abused or being used to help out their own player’s Primary character. After a few months of discussion and working out exactly how this can work, we’re pleased to announce this awesome new change to the way Secondary PCs work!

Effective immediately for the month of December, the following policy will be in effect:

Secondary characters belonging to Patrons with current memberships are allowed to earn and apply the Floor XP (4 XP) for each month that they are actively played. “Actively played” is defined as the player signing into an Underground Theater game and playing this Secondary PC exclusively for that game. If the player plays his Primary character in the same gameplay session, the player receives the XP for attending that game on his Primary PC only, and nothing on the Secondary PC.

Secondary characters are not allowed any extra XP beyond the 4 Floor XP each month. All additional XP awards earned by a Secondary PC (such as RP awards, downtime awards, etc.) are lost. They may not be earned by the Secondary PC and then be applied to the player’s Primary PC.

Finally, Secondary characters may not teach disciplines and may only take downtime actions after games in which they have been Actively Played.

This policy is not retroactive – there will not be any backdated Secondary character XP. Also, the current (old) database does not support this function, so it will need to be tracked however your current storytellers prefer.

Please feel free to ask any questions, throw any celebratory parties or just quietly go on playing your local troupe!