The Secretary position has been filled by Kyle Anderson!

Welcome Our New Secretary


Patrons of the Underground,

Are you a patron in good standing who wants to be more involved in our organization?

If any of the below opportunities interest you, send a cover letter with your professional resumé and gaming resumé (detailing your game-related experience as player, storyteller or administrator) to:


Now that Amber Godat has selfishly abandoned her post as Secretary and followed her masochistic desires into the role of President, our board of directors needs to fill the incredibly important position of Secretary.

General Description: The Secretary of Underground Theater is a board of director position that serves a managerial role that collects, organizes, and maintains much of the organization’s business as well assists in helping staff keep up on tasks.

Accountability: The Secretary is directly accountable to the Board of Directors. Certain duties of the Secretary may be delegated to other Board Members, and/or committees as appropriate; however, the accountability for them remains with the Secretary.


  • Schedule, setup, invite all parties to, attend and direct all meetings of the Board of Directors. Meetings are usually held once per week, and are conducted electronically via a recorded Google Hangouts session.

  • Monitor internal Board of Directors communication channels for potential action items in order to create the next meeting’s agenda by 24 hours prior to each Board Meeting.

  • Email a list of action items (aka: a To-Do List) to the Board within 48 hours after a meeting.

  • Maintain the list of contact information for all Board Members and Administrators that is stored in the Board’s shared Google Drive.

  • Hire and supervise a minimum of one administrator to function within the office as necessity dictates and archive all monthly Administrator reports from his/her staff for archival purposes.

  • Other duties as required.

Work Experience: An ideal applicant for this position needs to have a professionally demonstrated knowledge of the drafting and maintenance of corporate documents of all kinds; to include meeting minutes. Applicants must have experience in a corporate setting in which confidentiality was required. Finally, applicants must be able to stay extremely organized and possess the ability to follow through with assignments regardless of tight or erratic timelines.

Availability and Responsiveness:

  • The Secretary must be able to reply to  correspondence within 24 hours, barring any previously noted special circumstances.

  • The Secretary must have reliable telephone and internet service, with reliable access to a computer that can run Google Hangouts via video.

  • The Secretary must have a working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite and Google Documents.

In addition, the Director of Communications is looking for a few admins to help! As we’ve grown, it’s just no longer a workload one person can handle, and there is a great opportunity for us to begin some new projects!

Social Media Administrator will be in charge of secondary communications for Twitter and Facebook. The SMA will create content for enriching, building and promoting our community through regular Tweets and Posts on a variety of topics that are related to White Wolf, By Night Studios, Underground Theater and general genre-related media. Applicant must possess proven social media expertise in a professional environment, a strong understanding of grammar and spelling, moderate photography skill and an attention to detail and deadlines.

Local Marketing Administrator will be in charge of creating marketing collateral for use at the local troupe level for promoting games. The LMA will create flyers, posters, graphics and logos supporting Underground Theater troupes. Applicant must posses layout and design skills, strong spelling skills, an understanding of marketing/advertising strategy, appropriate computer software and an attention to detail and deadlines.

Cultural Attache will be in charge of helping to decipher, read and gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the Underground Theater patronage culture as a whole. The CA will also help to develop action plans to address opportunities for the organization’s culture to be improved upon and enriched. Areas of social focus may include respect, cordiality and kindness as well as difficult topics such as inclusion, discrimination and bleed. Areas of procedural focus may include identifying communication opportunities, integration and involvement of new chronicles/patrons and developing workshop opportunities for players and storytellers to grow their skills. Applicant must be outgoing, possess great communication and empathy skills and people-reading abilities. Ideal candidates will also possess planning and strategy skills.

If any of these opportunities interest you, send a cover letter with your professional resumé and gaming resumé (detailing your game-related experience as player, storyteller or administrator) to: