Con Nooga is coming in just a few weeks (Feb. 27-March 1), and our next national event game will be held there (Sabbat Friday, Cam/Anarch Saturday – both at 7pm). For those of you coming, here’s the official in-character invitations for the Cam/Anarch and the Sabbat game!



The honorable Justicar Madame Guil of the Ivory Tower cordially invites the Kindred of the Camarilla to join her in the great City of Chattanooga, Tennessee, for a great Salon. The Justicar’s Salon shall be hosted at the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo, within the Chattanooga Free State, an anarch domain overseen by Baron Noah Ross within the Camarilla city of Chattanooga under Prince Giuseppi Antonio Borgia Di Giangaleazzo.

There shall be, in parallel to the kine of the area, games and prizes, allowing us as a polite society the chance to connect as we used to in times past. This formal event will feature music and a game of skill and chance.

Justicar Guil expects all in attendance to follow any special edicts or concessions those in charge of these domains express, as well as the rules of formal Elysium, as this will be such, in accordance to our traditions. It should also be noted this gathering will be occurring amidst a mortal convention of eclectic interests known as the Con Nooga, and any precautions to uphold the Masquerade as we progress amongst this spectacle should be taken.

The Salon shall occur at 7:00 p.m. on the eve of Saturday, the 28th of February, 2015.

Archon Justin DuMont
on behalf of her grace,
Madame Guil, Justicar of the Ivory Tower



Our sect is great because of what we are willing to pay for its greatness.

My brethren, join me during the last weekend of February in the city of Chattanooga, to celebrate the sacred High Holiday that remembers and celebrates the sacrifices that we as a sect have made for freedom.

Come and Revel. Listen and tell the tales of those we have lost, that their memory and sacrifice may inspire us all in the coming year. Sit and share remembrances, and anecdotes, stories and memories as well as the company of those still marching forward.

And when we have filled ourselves with these tales…

We hunt.

Joseph Pander