Patrons of the Underground,

We have reserved our game space for the Midwinter Gaming Convention which runs from Thursday, January 13th to Sunday, January 16th 2022!

Our current time slots are set for Thursday and Saturday nights.

Given the ever-shifting circumstances of the pandemic, I would encourage anyone using airlines to ensure that they can get a refund or at least be able to reschedule their flight in the event that the convention or our participation in the event is cancelled. As always, the safety of our players is important to us and will be the primary deciding factor in any decisions we make as we get closer to January.

We will endeavor to give more advance notice for future in-person events to better accommodate you.

The convention will take place at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center hotel and has a designated room block that affords a discounted rate for convention-goers. The link to the room block as well as information and prices for convention badges can be found here:

I hope that I get the opportunity to see some of you again soon, and until then, be safe and keep warm!

Tim Snyder
Camarilla/Anarch/IA Organizational Storyteller
Interim President

Happy New Year Patrons of the Underground!

Midwinter is this week, and we’re incredibly excited to be bringing amazing new event games and officially launching Werewolf: The Apocalypse! We also have something wonderful planned for our traditional event game shwag, so we can’t wait to see you all.

In the meantime, here are the IC teasers for our games…


Winds of change are blowing into Milwaukee… A Child of Gaia by the name of “Cool Lake Breeze” has coordinated with high-ranking members of the Concordat of Stars and the Sanctum of Gaia in an effort to realize a major step toward more cooperation amongst the fractured garou. Bearing the spark of hope, they bring with them the seed necessary for a shard caern to be created in Milwaukee as a bastion of Gaia. This seed represents the fragility and need to protect our last glimmers of hope, our sole purpose: to see the return of the Wyld and stave off the forces of the Wyrm. But while hope is yet within our grasp, those that would see that light snuffed out linger still on the edges of our best efforts. We must be wary that they do not turn our chance at minor success into monumental failure…


The din of the previous year still echoes the death of a Cardinal, the fall and liberation of a Diocese, and the Sanctification of a new Cardinal by the Regent himself. Now, a meeting of the Prisci has been called in the dead of winter in Milwaukee, and concern has been raised on the survival of the Sect. Whispers in the night say that the Serpents have begun a ritual that will bring about the end of days; the Sword is wary of such rumors, but do they dare ignore this one?


Many things move in the shadows, and they whisper rumors in the darkness. Kindred travel to Milwaukee as the Prince holds a gathering to mourn kindred lost, while Di Zagreb plans a gala to celebrate the alliance of all pillar clans. However, the friendly exterior is of a facade. Tales spread of the Tremere Justicar presenting a vague gift to Hardestadt, which is gaining the attention of many rival factions. The Anarchs have their own worries, as a sister of the Movement claims to have valuable information on a new enemy. The Independent Alliance view all these stories with hungry eyes, as these events can be twisted to suit their own ambitions. The stage is set for large changes and massive consequences. One thing is on everyone’s mind: Opportunity. These nights are uncertain, and many reach out to mold them to their own ends. What will you do?


Patrons of the Underground,

The moon is rising, and so is our excitement about the new By Night Studios Minds Eye Theatre rulebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse! This spring, Underground Theater begins a new venue, and we can’t wait to tell you about it!

Obviously, there are still some things the board of directors is working through, and some questions won’t have answers for a few weeks, but we’d like to share where we are at and what the plan is.

Underground Theater thinks of itself as a World of Darkness LARPing organization. The Vampire and Werewolf venues are equals, and we intend to treat neither with more importance than the other when faced with organizational decisions. It is important to us that we remain vigilant and take steps to ensure this remains the case. Currently, every member of the board of directors is interested in playing Werewolf, so there is full representation of both venues in the organizational leadership.

Another step to keep Werewolf and Vampire equal is that we will be giving Werewolf its own Content Team. There will be a Werewolf Organizational Storyteller, a Werewolf Content and Continuity Storyteller, and Werewolf Assistant Organizational Storytellers. Look for an announcement requesting applications shortly.

The Werewolf chronicle is scheduled to begin officially on January 1, 2017. To kick off this new venue, we’ll be featuring a Werewolf national event game at the Midwinter Gaming Convention on Jan. 12 – 15 in Milwaukee, WI, as well as our usual Vampire games.

Even though the official start date is Jan. 1, for the next two months we will be encouraging and supporting troupes that want to begin playing Werewolf. To keep things fair, there will be no XP awarded for Underground Theater Werewolf games until the first games are held in January (it will only be a couple of games, and we hope everyone will understand this necessity). More information on the process for Werewolf games to apply to Underground Theater will be coming soon, but for now, start your games! We’ve also got a Facebook group set up to let everyone coordinate Werewolf Character Ties.

Just like Vampire, the Werewolf venue will have a scheduled reset at 5 years, and there will be a vote at the beginning of the last year to determine if the reset is delayed a year. This means the Vampire and Werewolf chronicles will have different beginning and ending dates, as well as different Floor XP totals. It is also important to note that Vampire and Werewolf venues will not cross over, just as Camarilla/Anarch/IA does not cross over with the Sabbat venue.

A lot of storytellers have been asking about incorporating Werewolf rules into their Vampire games. The quest system, shared havens, full werewolf NPC sheets and other specific systems have been noted as things that could be used in Vampire. As of right now, the board has decided that Vampire will remain strictly run only from the Vampire book for six months before any decisions occur concerning integrating rules systems. This is to allow the content teams, the board and our players and storytellers time to focus on the success of launching Werewolf as a venue. It will also give everyone a chance to play with these new rules so that decisions can be made from a place of better understanding of just how all of these things work.

Finally, our Patron Handbook disallows canon PCs. However, the Kickstarter for Werewolf allowed people to fund at levels that would let them put their characters into the book’s canon. additionally, some of the playtesting troupes that are joining Underground Theater are featured in the book. If you have an original character that was turned canon in this publication, and you are intending to play that character in Underground Theater, please send an email to Mike Rilee so that appropriate exemptions can be made to allow that to happen.

We know there are more questions that need answered, and we’ll be sharing as much as we can as quickly as we can!

Thank you all so much for helping us grow!

The Board of Directors

Patrons of the Underground, have you made your plans for attending our next national event game at Midwinter???


If you haven’t, the time is NOW. There are a few important notes everyone should know!

First, the hotel room block at the Hilton will close 12/15, meaning if you want to reserve your room and get the convention prices, you only have a few days left! Also remember, every person who reserves a room will receive a number of entries into a drawing based on the number of room nights reserved.  Aside from the drawing, these entries are going to be used as a tool for the convention to know what games and orgs our guests are making a point of coming to at Midwinter.

The room block can be found on the Midwinter website or here.

If you haven’t gotten your ticket for the convention yet, Pre-Registration is still underway.  Right now, Four Day badges can be purchased for $35.  On January 1, the price will increase to $50, so now is the time to save!

We look forward to seeing everyone there!


Patrons of the Underground,

As you finalize your Halloween weekend plans and finish voting for the Best Clan… EVER!, don’t forget the early bird registration for Midwinter Gaming Convention also ends on Oct. 31.

We couldn’t be more excited that our next National Event Game is being held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the Midwinter Gaming Convention on January 14–17, 2016. We’ll be holding both a Camarilla/Anarch/IA game and a Sabbat game, and you’ll be able to play in a lot of other LARP and tabletop games being held that weekend.

The early bird price ends this weekend, however, so click below to get your ticket now!