Underground Theater is proud to announce that the Board of Directors will be holding a Meet and Greet as well as a Silent Charity Auction at Nashville by Night on Saturday evening! Meet the Board of Directors and bid for a chance to win a copy of the hard-to-find leather-bound Prestige Edition of Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary book.

Join us for an informal Q & A from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 20th, in Grand Ballroom W (the same location where UT will be having its evening Cam/Anarch game). Please stop in for the conversation and the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about Underground Theater!

While there, you will also have the chance to bid on one of three copies of the Prestige Edition of V20. All of the proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Bidding will begin at 5:00 p.m. and remain open until midnight. Both Patrons and non-Patrons are welcome to attend, ask questions and bid on the items!

If you have a donation of additional goods or services that you would like to share for us to include in the charity auctions, please contact Joseph Schuster at president@undergroundtheater.org

We look forward to seeing you all in Nashville!

Greetings everyone!

As you all know, the UT’s event at Nashville by Night is going to beSeptember 18 – 21.

We’re hoping to get a little help with ambiance from patrons who are coming (If you want to help, but aren’t coming, just send what we’re asking for with someone you trust!).

Our set up is: Theo Bell is having a two night shindig. The first night is going to be a Rave-type party; the second night is a fancy art gallery showing. Theo will be looking for kindred who would be willing to host such parties (he’ll be looking for a few characters who would, and who will be at the event).

To help create atmosphere, we’re asking if there’s any artists and/or musicians in our ooc ranks that would like to display their work at the event. Two and three-dimensional work, along with music, are all welcome.

Visual arts will be displayed during the art showing, along with playing any music that fits.
Any harder music will be used for the Rave.

If your character would be interested in hosting either event or you wish to contact us about bringing/sending a piece of art, please contact the NbN Cam/Anarch staff at cam-events@undergroundtheater.org

IC announcements will begin to be posted shortly!

Thanks! and can’t wait to see everybody there!

Carie Varner
LST- NbN Cam/Anarch

As Nashville by Night rapidly approaches, we wanted to touch base and let you all know a few things about check-in. We will have several people with laptops at the check-in desk to help patrons who are having problems getting their sheets in the database.

If You Check In Using the Database:

Checking in to the UT games at Nashville is both fast and easy. Just follow the following steps once you’ve signed in to the database:

1. Go to “Sign In To Games”

2. Select Troupe: “Nashville by Night Sabbat Events” or “Nashville by Night Cam/Anarch Events”

3. Select Game: “Nashville by Night Pre-Reg”

4. Select your Character

5. Click “Sign In”

And that is it, your done! As a thank you to all our Patrons using the database (or who can show that they honestly attempted to use the database), you will receive a free Underground Theater lanyard when you arrive for your first game. We will have it with your character when you request it at the game check-in desk.

Please sign in via the database by September 8th!


If You Send Your Character In Via Email:

We understand that not all of our Patrons will be using the database, so we will also be accepting character sheets sent in via email.

Please have your LST email your character sheet to either: cam-events@undergroundtheater.org (for characters in the Cam/Anarch venue) or sabbat-events@undergroundtheater.org (for characters in the Sabbat venue). We will have it printed out and ready for you at the event, but you will need to give us your User ID for the database at the check-in desk so we that we may confirm your patronage.

The deadline for submitting sheets via email is also September 8th!


If you Bring a Signed Copy Of Your Sheet To The Event:

If neither of the above are an option, you can bring a physical copy of your character sheet to the event. However, we do require that it is signed by your LST and includes your Troupe name and location. We will confirm your patronage at the sign-in desk, and you will be all set to go.

Underground Theater will be hosting Camarilla and Sabbat at Nashville by Night. Plot teasers for each venue’s event can be found below.


Camarilla/Anarch – Friday 6PM-2AM and Saturday 6PM-2AM
The recent appointment of Theo Bell of Clan Brujah to Justicar has left an open seat within the Archons of the Ivory Tower. As Justicar Bell calls forth a Conclave to Nashville to celebrate his new position with a Rave and Salon, quiet rumors have begun to circulate that there is an ulterior motive for the gather. Will one of the populace of the Camarilla be appointed to take the open Archon position? Is there some unseen force at work in the city the Justicar hopes to lure into the open? Or is there something more sinister at play…?

Sabbat – Thursday 5PM-12AM and Saturday 12PM-5PM
Cardinal Dazhdbog has called for the Sabbat to meet in Nashville, Tennessee. The signs have pointed to a great upheaval occurring in that city. The Setites and Giovanni have announced that they will be hosting a meeting of their clans to announce a grand achievement. Beyond that, a coterie of Tremere, Kolduns and Assamite Sorcerers have claimed Nashville as theirs. Now is the time for the Sabbat to test their mettle, now is the time to punish traitors and now is the time to destroy those that openly revere their Antideluvian. Can the Sabbat rise to the challenges that face them and make the right choices, or will they fall and watch as all they worked towards is smashed in to dust?