Patrons of the Underground,

It is with great excitement that the Board of Directors announces our new Secretary, LeKesha Hammond. LeKesha is from our Arkansas-area games and we are thrilled to have representation from that area on our administration staff.

LeKesha has enjoyed LARPing since 1998, and joined Underground Theater in 2015.  LeKesha has a background in child care, customer service, secretarial work and now spends her days as a graphic illustrator, reenactor  and homemaker.  She is enthusiastic to be able to donate her time, perspectives, love of organization, problem solving, resolution, and teamwork with the community.

Please help her feel welcome!

The Board of Directors

Patrons of the Underground,

The board of directors is proud to announce the new president of Underground Theater is Amber Godat. Many of you are already familiar with her as the portrayer of the NPC Justicar Boliver, as well as her role on the board as Secretary for more than the last year.

Please help us welcome her to her new role!

On a related note, we’ll be asking for applicants interested in the position of Secretary in the next few days, so if you or someone you know is interested in volunteering to help Underground Theater, please keep your eyes out for the announcement!


There comes a time when one must take a step back, assess life’s demands, and make an honest decision regarding one’s own health and well being.

I find myself in desperate need of this kind of self-assessment now. I love the Underground Theater; I have poured two and a half years of my life into this Org. I have worked as hard as I could afford to work, and invested emotional and mental resources I probably *couldn’t* afford to spend.

It’s time for me to go.

Those resources need to be freed up so that I can invest them in me, so that I can search for and hopefully find a healthy place again. I need to remember my own joy for this hobby. I need to rest.

I am proud of my time as President of Underground Theater. I have set goals, and I feel like I’ve accomplished most of them. Without doubt, the most important goal I’ve reached towards is that of a strong and healthy community. It has been my dream to establish and maintain a group of fellow hobbyists that care for one another, protect one another, and strive together to create an atmosphere that enhances and fosters mutual enjoyment and fun.

This is a goal that never ends, and one towards which every moment is a new opportunity to excel. If my time in the hot-seat has taught me anything, it’s that failure in this pursuit is always a hair’s breadth away and that each success is hard fought, but well earned.

It’s so easy to let a few careless words slip when you’re irritated. It’s so easy to damage someone else’s sense of joy or calm, especially when that person is little more than a faceless “player” on the internet somewhere. It’s so much harder to actively struggle to remain positive, and helpful, and energetic when you’re not completely happy.

Guys, it’s *so* hard to walk way when you know you probably need to.

Underground Theater is built on the foundation of fighting, and winning, that battle. We strive to be better than we have been. We work to ensure that the image of the Salon WoD LARPer is that of a healthy, eager player who wants to engage and *play* with their friends. No one in Underground Theater is a faceless “player” on the internet somewhere. Every single one of us is a WoD LARPer who loves this hobby, and loves what we do.

I challenge every one of you, as you transition into new leadership, to find within yourself what drew you to this hobby to begin with. Share with each other why you do this thing weekend in and weekend out. *Talk* to one another.

Care for one another. Protect one another. Strive together to create an atmosphere that enhances and fosters mutual enjoyment.

Have fun.

I’ll see you all at game.

Signing off for the last time as,

James Davey

President, Underground Theater

Patrons of the Underground,

We want to give everyone a quick update on our current content team staff and how to contact them. Remember, if you have a question or request, it’s best to contact the person most responsible for overseeing the genre of your question. For example, if you have a question about Anarchs, it’s generally better to contact the Anarch OST Corey than it is to contact the Camarilla Vampire OST Ryan.


Cam/Anarch/IA OST – Ryan Martin,

Anarch AOST – Corey McIntyre,

IA AOST – Nick Riley,

Sabbat OST – Ken Yost,

Sabbat AOST – unfilled,


Werewolf OST – John Swinkels,

Werewolf AOST (specific duties coming soon) – Megan Schultz

Werewolf CCST – Mateo Marshall,


Good afternoon Patrons of the Underground!

We are excited to announce our new Ombudsman, Andrew Humble!

Andy has been LARPing since the early 1990s and has a long background with many of the LARPing organizations today. He has been both a storyteller and a player in these organizations, as well as being a devoted fan of White Wolf in general. He currently works as a Human Resources Project Manager for a major tech company and looks forward to assisting and being a part of Underground Theater, which he says is “one of the best Orgs I have had the privilege of being a member of.”

Let’s all welcome Andy, and help him come on board smoothly. If you have any current issues that the Ombudsman office has been notified of, please consider dropping Andy an email to make sure that he has the information he needs to address your concerns. We want to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks as we make this transition.

Good evening Patrons of the Underground,

This afternoon two of our patrons were suspended from Underground Theater. This is never an action the Board undertakes lightly, and it is never an action we get any enjoyment from. In this instance, it was particularly difficult.

The two patrons in question have become engaged in legal proceedings against one another in civil court. These proceedings affected the operations of our organization.

Our organization retained a lawyer to help us navigate this situation. Following the instructions of our legal counsel, the two patrons’ attorneys were notified this afternoon that these two patrons have been suspended from our organization, and will remain suspended until, at minimum, their legal battle is concluded.

We would like to offer an apology to all of our members for the inconveniences this will cause, and we ask that everyone please understand that this is a serious legal matter best left to the parties involved and their lawyers to resolve in court.

The Board of Directors