Patrons of the Underground,

The board of directors is proud to announce the new president of Underground Theater is Amber Godat. Many of you are already familiar with her as the portrayer of the NPC Justicar Boliver, as well as her role on the board as Secretary for more than the last year.

Please help us welcome her to her new role!

On a related note, we’ll be asking for applicants interested in the position of Secretary in the next few days, so if you or someone you know is interested in volunteering to help Underground Theater, please keep your eyes out for the announcement!

Greetings to the faithful Underground,

As we approach the one year anniversary of Underground Theater, we have a great deal to celebrate. A lot has changed in our first year, and we’ve seen some difficulties, some opportunities and some bumps along the way, but mostly, we’ve seen amazing successes.

Most of you aren’t really aware of the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep this organization moving forward, and we like it that way. It frees patrons up to just sit back and enjoy a great role-playing game and a great community of gamers. The reality is, however, the board of directors works extremely hard to make sure that Underground Theater not just continues on, but continues to grow, prosper and become even better.

Joseph Schuster

In Memoriam 2014 – 2015

In our first year, no one has worked harder toward that end than our president, Joseph Schuster. As real life issues that had nothing to do with game forced much of our original board to move on, Joseph stepped up, without being asked, to fill the void and help us stay the course. At one point, for a short period he was acting as treasurer, secretary, vice president and president!

As Underground Theater begins its second year, Joseph is engaged, planning a wedding and experiencing increased responsibilities at his day job in accounting. With our leadership team finally stabilized, our core troupe base established and our organization primed and ready for the future, Joseph will be leaving us to focus on the excitement of the coming year in his real life. His final day with us will be our 1 year anniversary, February 1, and we are incredibly thankful for his service.

On behalf of the entire board of directors – Joseph, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Longtime gaming favorite, former storyteller liaison and all-around bald guy James Davey from our Atlanta games will be stepping in to take his place. James is already beginning to transition into the role, working with Joseph to make sure that there is no interruption in UT service as we approach our national event game at the end of February.

Please feel free to send Joseph good wishes and welcome James aboard. We look forward to seeing you all at Con Nooga on Feb. 27th!