At the end of March, Underground Theater reported that our I.T. development team was hard at work attempting to get our online database operational by May. We take our efforts to provide patrons with the best organization possible very seriously, and extended the expiration dates of all patrons who purchased their memberships prior to March 6 by two months, setting them to expire on May 1, 2015, regardless of original purchase date.

May is here, and we are pleased to announce that the database is ready for troupes to begin using. As with any technical project, there are still a few hiccups, but those can’t be fixed unless patrons begin using the system and report the bugs they encounter.

Any bugs or issues found should be reported here:

In addition, at patron’s request, our source is now open. We’re using the MIT License because it reflects the mindset we want to foster – a shared community among fans of the World of Darkness. Our general policy around the code can be found at:

We’re hoping that patrons and non-patrons alike will help make this experience better for all of us. Our Director of Technology is picking up development where the developer left off, but we need help in a number of ways! A few new volunteer positions surrounding technology will be posted as soon as descriptions are finalized.

Aside from many code enhancements that increase speed and efficiency, here are the latest updates made to the database:

  • Backdating – Staff will now have a Backdate button on character detail. They can enter any number of days and it will move every trait the character has backward by that many days. This way, they will be able to remake characters and have them look like they were made in the past. Entering a negative number will move the character forward.
  • Renaming traits – Certain traits can now be renamed, such as Skills like Crafts and Performance, as well as Lore and Influence specializations. All of these labels can be found by pressing the labels button on character detail.
  • Specializations – When a character buys a point of things like Lore, Linguistics, and Influences, it will add a specialization for that character. This specialization can be defined under Labels. Monopoly and Natural Linguist will now double these.
  • Merits that should now work properly include: Blood of the Tzimisce, Sorcerous Dabbler, Inept, Monopoly, Natural Linguist, Loremaster and Angellis Ater.