Greetings Patrons of the Underground,

Several patrons and storytellers have questioned the use of the status trait, “Favored” in relation to bloodhunts. After reviewing the rule book and careful discussion, the Content Team finds it implausible that a fleeting status that every elder in the Camarilla may give out is intended to ignore all negative consequences that the status system can possibly levy upon a character. We consider it an unintended oversight.

As such, the following rule is now in effect:

“Favored” will no longer block any of the effects of “Bloodhunted,” “Boonbreaker,” or “Profane,” or the negative status associated with those monikers. It will also not block the negative effects of breaking a Censure.

“Favored” will continue to block “Vulgar,” “Warned,” “Disgraced” (when applied via “Prominent,” but not “Guardian”), and “Forsaken” (when applied via “Authority,” but not “Sovereign”).

The Content Team wants to reassure you all that this is not a slippery slope to a horde of house rules and we are committed to the core principles of Underground Theater to issue house rules sparingly.

Any questions may be directed to the Content Team through the vice president’s office via email at