We’d like to welcome our new Treasurer, Jennifer Mims!

Jennifer graduated from Guilford College with two degrees in computers and one in forensic science. During the day, she is a programmer for a large financial institution where she is known as “The Bug Master”; by night, she gets her geek on. Jenn started role-playing in 1998 and hasn’t stopped since. She has been both a player and a storyteller for many games, including troupe and convention style games.

We’re thrilled to have her on our board and look forward to what she brings to our organization!

Underground Theater is currently seeking a new board member to fill the position of Treasurer. Unfortunately, LoriBeth, our current treasurer, has a new job that has left her with much less free time to dedicate to our hobby. She’ll be stepping down in the coming weeks to focus on her new career, but will still be storytelling for our Atlanta Cam/Anarch troupe.

If you’re interested and feel you are able to perform the following functions of the office, please send a cover letter and resume (including both financial/treasurer experience and gaming experience) to bod@undergroundtheater.org.

The Treasurer keeps record of the organization’s budget and financial records, prepares financial reports as needed (including governmental requirements), issues payments, oversees monetary deposits and performs any additional duties as may be required of the office. He or she may install administrators at his or her leisure. The Board Member occupying the office of the Treasurer is deemed a Voting Member of the Board.